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This was a great month of February for the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show. We had a great line of up of guests for the month from different professions and backgrounds; all with one thing in common very inspirational stories they've shared with the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show listeners. Our goal with our VIP (Very Inspirational Person) Spotlight's is that we not only target influential people to interview and to talk with on-air, but for them to discuss their stories of how they got started, how they grew up, what were some of the lessons they learned growing up. These are all important tidbits about the lives of influential people's that are sometimes missed or overlooked. Hearing these tidbits helps to humanize them in some ways or make them more of an inspiration to the listeners, and our guest this month didn't disappoint.

We started the month of February with Christian Rapper and Poet Ty Scott King, one of the smoothest and coolest EMCEE's of this generation. She has so much wisdom and insight on the Christian Hip Hop Culture and we enjoyed chopping it up about her experiences navigating within this industry. We talked about the evolution of Christian Rap and how it went from being basically taboo in churches on Sunday Morning, to #CHH artists selling out concert venues, topping charts and winning awards in both Christian and Secular circles. Ty is also a talented Poet and we featured one of her pieces during our show as well. Listen to her entire interview right here

Ty also released her video for her newest single "Concrete"Tuesday, Feb 6th which was also the day her interview aired on our show. If you have't seen it yet, we have posted it her for your viewing enjoyment. You can purchase her new single "Concrete" as well as her other music and books right from her website,

Feb 13th was our Valentine's Day Show and we aired an interview we had with two powerful individuals in their own right, Best-Selling Author & Minister Kim Brooks and Gospel Artist and Music Producer Ryan Rutley. This dynamic duo was on to talk about love, relationships and marriage for the Valentine's Day Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show. In addition, to giving our listeners insight on "How To Date & Stay Saved." which by the way is the title of Kim Brooks Best-Selling Novel, they were also on to talk about and discuss their Valentines Day Event; "A Panel and a Party." This event consisted of a panel of new and seasoned married couples talking about the keys to dating and having healthy marriage. Plus, there was going to be music and entertainment as an added bonus. This was a tremendous event as well as a tremendous interview. You can keep up with Kim Brooks and everything that she is up to at http://www.kimontheweb, and Ryan Rutley and his musical projects on Facebook Listen to their entire interview right here.

We followed up our Valentine's Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show with an amazingly talented young lady, who is a Hollywood Red Carpet Reporter, and Best-Selling Author of her autobiography, "Bullied: From Terror To Triumph, My Survival Story," Tensie Taylor (pictured at the top). During her interview she talked about going from being bullied to walking over 200 red carpets and interviewing over 300 celebrities. Tensie"s story is proof positive that your attitude can take you farther than your aptitude. I truly enjoyed talking to her about her life story and how she has lived her life endeavoring to inspire other people. And, she is doing a great job of that. We also talked about what's happening in Hollywood with the #MeToo Movement and how these women are getting the courage to speak out and tell their stories of sexual assault and harassment, and how the perpetrators of these crimes are being brought to justice. To listen to Tensie's entire interview, just click here. If you would like to purchase a copy of her Best-Selling book, you can do so from her website

And, we capped off the month of February with a HUGE Black History Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show, where we interviewed two of the Tuskegee Airmen's finest soldiers; Sgt Preston Jowers and Col. Bob Tillman. I had the pleasure of meeting these distinguished gentlemen for their "Lunch With Heroes" event that they host every Thursday at 1 pm at the Golden Coral in Taylor, MI. Sgt. Preston Jowers is 102 yrs old, and is still driving and plans to continue on driving until he is 106 yrs old. He fought in WWII, and he had just a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share, I wished I could've had more time to sit with him for our interview. And, Col. Bob Tillman is a Vietnam Vet, who talked about the history of the Tuskegee Airmen and how it wasn't just about the Black Men that were pilots, but it was also Black Women that piloted those Red Tails B-47s and B-52 planes as well. Col. Bob Tillman's photo is also posted annually at the Southfield Library as one of the Distinguished Black Heroes we all should know about. This was a tremendous opportunity as well as a tremendous interview. They had so much insight and wisdom to share with our listeners, we just couldn't put it in one show. To listen to the interview click here. They are both two truly inspiring individuals and i'm so glad that I had the opportunity to meet them. I want to give a special thanks to Sophia and Nialah Crosby for affording us this invaluable opportunity. To find out more about the Tuskegee Airmen and what they are doing in the City of Detroit just go to http://www.gocivilianpatrol. They have programs for youth and teenagers to participate in that can put them on a path to being the next pilots and aviators of tomorrow.

So, there you have it February was a GREAT month for the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show. And, we want to thank all of our guest who joined us this month and we hope that you have become new friends of the show. Thank you ta all our listeners. Help us to spread the word about what's going on the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show, by using the hashtag #TOLRadioShow when you makes posts about the show on social media. We have got some great shows lined up for the month of March, so you need to stay dialed in and tuned so you won't miss a minute of what we got coming up next!

-Thinking Out Loud

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