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iT'S FINALLY HERE...The new website is finally here. And, we are so excited for you to check out everything that we have to offer. It's been at least 5 yrs since we last updated the website. And, we are very glad we did! Even more excited that you've taken some time to stop by and christen the new site with us. We have so much to offer, new content, podcasts, blog posts, videos, swag, and so much more. As well as a commitment to providing you with new innovative, thought-provoking and insightful content for you to enjoy and even share with you others. This new iteration of the website is our best version yet, and it only gets better from here.

It starts right from the inspirational message on the homepage meant to encourage and motivate you every time you visit Our intent is to welcome you each and every you visit, which will hopefully lead to even more visits. Each time you visit to check out the latest podcast from the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show or a new video from Thinking Out Loud TV, we want it be a inspiring and motivating experience. We have a growing treasure trove of podcasts that have not exceeded over 200 episodes with over 25,000 streams and downloads worldwide. I can't tell you have thrilled I am about the success of the podcast and the direction that God is taking it; believe me I am enjoying the ride. In less than four years time, we have begin to make an impact in area of media that I knew very little about just for four years ago. And, I have my dad to thank for that. He was the one; and has always been the one motivating and inspiring me to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone, and to do and try things we've never tried before. And, so because of his encouragement, I have been able to encourage others, because of his inspiration, I have been able to inspire others. This website is just another example of that.

In addition, we have expanded Thinking Out Loud Radio Show to now include our Youtube Channel -Thinking Out Loud TV. Now we are uploading clips of interviews we've had with people like Global Advocate Martin Luther King III, Journalist Jemele Hill, CHH Artist MouthPi3ce and many many more. We have included video from some of those interviews on our new site, which also links back to our Youtube Channel where you can Like, Comment & Subscribe to our channel as well. We hope that giving you a sneak peak of some of those interviews, will encourage you to check out the entire podcast, which is now available just about everywhere you listen to your podcasts. And, we're growing and expanding by the day.

We've also migrated our blog posts from our old site over to our new one so that you can continue reading our monthly blogs that we put out to tantalize your thinking. Our Thinking Out Loud blog consists of hard-hitting and though-provoking articles about Popular Culture, Religion, Politics and a lot more. We cover a plethora of subject matter including, "Cliff Huxtable Goes To Jail," discussing the disgraced comedian Bill Cosby being convicted on sexual assault charges, going to prison and being release after only serving 3yrs of a 10yr prison sentence. Essentially being released on what appears to be a technicality on the part of the prosecution. We also talk about R-Kelly's Other Mistress, Justice For George Floyd, You're Fired and a whole lot more. If you haven't checked out any of our blog posts, do yourself a favor and do so, you won't be sorry. Subscribe to the blog, and get notified each and every month a new blog posted is loaded to the website. This is truly an exciting time at!

We're even dipping our toe in the retail waters, and in addition to offering our two latest books "Who Told You That You Were Naked" and "Vision" on the website, which are also available on Amazon. You can also purchase exclusive Thinking Out Loud Radio Show Swag, where you can rep the show OOOUUTTT-LOUUDDD!!!! We currently have a Black Lives Matter T-Shirt & Vote Out Loud -Shirt with the podcast logo on the sleeve. And, there is definitely more merch to come!

And, don't forget when you subscribe to our mailing list, you get a free digital copy of our first book, "Who Told You That You Were Naked?" That's really something that you should tall your family and your friends about. This book is our answer to God's question of Adam in the Garden of Eden, after he & his wife Eve broke God's commandment and ate of the forbidden tree of Good & Evil. It is powerful book that deals with identity, how it was lost and how we can ultimately get it back through Jesus Christ. You get a digital copy of this first book by simply subscribing to our mailing list. It just the simple!

Finally, in addition to our Podcast, Blog, Videos Books & Swag, we are also want to introduce & reintroduce our fans and followers to our speaking & ministry side as well. We are a seasoned minister & speaker with over 30yrs of experience in both arenas. And, as our nation reopens, businesses and churches reopen, conferences and events are being planned, and you can book our services right through this site to be a guest or conference speaker, emcee, panelist, or whatever your event needs might be, we are here for you! Just click the Booking link and complete the form, and we will be happy to get in touch with you to help take your event to the next level.

Thank you again for taking the time today to stop by the new and we hope that while this may be your first time, that it certainly won't be your last.


Michael Nimmons


Michael Nimmons Ministries, Inc.

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