Our 1st #MeetTheAuthorEvent Was...

June 11, 2017


Our #MeetTheAuthor event in yesterday at Discount Bible & Music was a great success. We got to meet alot of good people, do some quality networking and sell some books at the same time. We were even able to get a few photos and take some selfies at the same time. 


One particular person that we met on yesterday, her name is Elder Stacey English, and it turns we had a lot in common. We both loved the Lord, both work very faithfully in the ministry and we even knew some of the same people. It looks like we made a divine connection on yesterday during our #MeetTheAuthorEvent. Elder English was also kind enough to send us a SHOUT OUT on FaceBook as well.

We plan to do more of these types of events and we would love for you to be apart. If you are interested in either attending or even inviting us to bring our ministry to your church, conference, convention or event, you can send us an e-mail at contact@michaelnimmons.org.


Those who already subscribers to our site be sure to share our blog, web content and other site activity on all your social media platforms. We are on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram as PSTRNIMMONSTV. Be sure to like our ministry page on Facebook as well. We'd love for more people to share in the fellowship, and fun that we have when engaging the community about this message of the Gospel. 


When tweeting or FB'ng about our blog, our site, or ministry use the hashtags #ThinkingOutLoud, #MeetTheAuthor, or #TeamNimmons. 


Thanks again for attention and we truly appreciate your support!



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