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Thinking Out Loud Radio Show Promos From VIPs 

The Thinking Out Loud Radio Show is a weekly talk radio show that airs on BlogTalkRadio that covers topics from Politics to Religion, from Pop Culture to Current Events and everything in between. Our mantra is "Giving Voice To Issues that Matter To You!  This show airs 2 times a week, Tuesday's at 8pm, and Wednesday's at 8am on BlogTalkRadio.  The Thinking Our Loud Radio Show debuted in August of 2017, and have since interviewed over 50+ guests, more than 50 shows, weekly listening audience of 250-300 dedicated listeners, listed on all of the major podcasting networks: Apple Podcasts , Google Play Music , TuneIn, iHeartRadio , and Spotify. In just a year's time the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show; according to BlogTalkRadio reached the 5000 listen milestone, which simply means that this show has been listened to over 5000 times.  To check out current and past episodes of the show click here. 




"Educating Today's Youth During A Pandemic PT. 2"



Tonight we continue wit our discussion of the topic of Educating Today's Youth During A Pandemic with special guests, Principal of Renaissance Highschool, Verynda Stroughter and Principal of Mumford Highschool, Damian Perry. PT. 2 focuses on more on long term impacts of this pandemic on the educational system in our country, and how technology is going to play a major role in this transition moving forward. When things return to some normalcy, will we see some continuation of virtual learning in some way or shape or form, or will be return to in-person leering full-time. These and many other questions will be addressed as we conclude tonight's discussion with the these distinguished educators. 

PLUS, we have another dynamic Thought of the Week specifically geared towards the theme for tonight's show. More specifically, another excerpt from our latest book Vision, offering a message of empowerment and guidance to the youth of this generation. We also, plan to tease a series that we are considering beginning in January. Tonight's show is definitely appointment listening. 

#TOLRadioshow Guest List